Heating, private house with his hands photo

Scheme of heating systems in a private home should always respond to his main purpose-to provide heating of air in the room to 25 degrees in winter. Modern people do not represent the dwelling without the basic amenities, and some people even put the house and the fireplaces are made with their hands, which is quite dangerous from a security standpoint. Therefore, the device of the heating in the house or apartment need, which provides residents with comfortable accommodation. The ideal heating system of a private house to be developed before construction began eating at home. But once you’re there live more than a year can change everything for the better. If a district heating plant is laid residence, the competent solution is to connect it to her. But there is another option, use an offline sistemu. Otoplenie the hands of a private house photo What would the heating of private houses has been qualitative, must take into account many factors. Here and check the correct wiring of the heating system at home, which is responsible for an equal amount of heat throughout the house. And the correct installation of the system. There were times when everything seems going well, but refused to go on the water pipes. To conduct technical and economic costs should not hurry, given the size and power required. Well-conducted calculations will select the heating system and save on fuel costs. And of course a quality installation of piping, control devices, etc. All work should be performed by a specialist, although the home may be the master and familiar with such work, and many have done this for your home. You can refer to them if the system they installed, working properly. But look, this economy will lead to even greater costs. First, when the pay master of the mountain, and bulk when you’re correcting his mistakes. Traditionally, in Russia, houses are heated with liquid coolants. They are heated in a boiler to a temperature of 100 degrees, and by closed circuit circulation going through all the rooms of the room. So when you mount the wiring for the heating system in the house, pay special attention to its integrity, which will protect not only from fire but from ozhogov.Nu at the end of recording, we encourage you to look at pictures of different ways of heating a private house with his hands.

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